US Carbine GAU-5/A/A


(Gun, Aircraft, Unit)

The GAU-5/A/A is the United States Air Force version of the XM177E2 Commando Carbine. This firearm historically replicates the weapon used by The Son Tay Raiders in the largest rescue attempt of American POWs. Availability of this collector’s item is limited, order yours today.


The most authentic, fully functional
military carbine replica ever produced.

45 of the 56 Special Forces troopers were equipped with the GAU during the night raid on the Son Tay prison camp.The GAU.-5/A/A was highly desired by Commando Forces for its compact size, fire power, high reliability and reduced signature.


To mark the 45th Anniversary of the Son Tay Raid, TROY has partnered with The National League of POW/MIA Families. A limited edition, historically accurate GAU.-5/A/A with modern manufacturing excellence will be offered with portions of the proceeds going directly to support their sole purpose: “to obtain the release of all prisoners, the fullest possible accounting for the missing and repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation during the Vietnam War.

Used by United States Special Operations forces during the night raid on the prison camp, the GAU.-5/A/A was highly desired by Commando Forces its of its compact size, high reliability and reduced sound signature and will only be available for a short time.


The TROY GAU-5/A/A is the most authentic, fully functional military carbine replica ever produced. These 5.56MM semi automatics, are manufactured to exact military specifications. The flash suppressor and grenade ring are permanently mounted to the chrome lined and parkerized barrel (OAL 16”).

$1199.00 USD

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Minutes on the Ground

By 1970, more than 500 American POWs were being held by the North Vietnamese. On November 21, 1970 General Earle G. Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force Brigadier General LeRoy J. Manor and Special Forces Colonel Arthur “Bull” Simons launched the first joint operation in US Military history – a daring night-time raid to rescue 61 American Prisoners of War thought to be held in the Son Tay camp just outside Hanoi.

The planning and execution code-named Ivory Coast and Kingpin respectively was brilliantly executed. Intelligence later revealed that the POWs at Son Tay had been moved to a camp fifteen miles away in July. Despite this intelligence failure, the raid was deemed a “tactical success” due to its near flawless execution and the mission became the model for the creation of a joint United States Special Operations Command (1987).

First-Hand Account of the Son Tay Raid